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    Products >> Wellhead Assembly

    Annular Blowout Preventer

    According to the structure of the packing unit, the annular blowout preventers are divided into the tapering packing unit annular BOP and the spherical packing unit annular BOP.
    The features of tapering packing unit annular BOP:
    >>The tapering packing units are exchangeable with the HYDRIL’s
    >>The added wear-belts to the original design can prevent and improve the cylinder-grinding because of unbalanced loading.
    >>The fortified rings can lift the whole BOP stack.
    >>Screws connection type is convenient for assembling/disassembling and exchange of the packing units.

    The specifications and the parameter
    13 5/8″-10000/15000psi Annular BOP
    Bore: 13 5/8″ 
    Working pressure: 10000psi 
    Top connection: 13 5/8″-10000psi 6BX BX159 CRA Studded 
    Bottom connection: 13 5/8″-15000psi 6BX BX159 CRA Flanged
    21 1/4″-2000psi Annular BOP
    Bore: 21-1/4″ 
    Working pressure: 2,000psi (14Mpa)
    Top connection: 21-1/4″-2000psi 6BX R73 CRA Studded 
    Bottom connection: 21- 1/4″-2000psi 6BX R73 CRA Flanged

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      Beijing Tengyue Technology Co., Ltd is a big high-tech integrated enterprise, which mainly on R&D inclinometer. It possesses excellent equipment and a number of specialists and technicians .Our company consistently keeps API and ISO as the standard and puts it into practice.
       Our main products include electronic single shot inclinometer, electronic multishot inclinometer, photographic single shot inclinometer and MWD. We will provide users with overall solutions according to different requirement on site.
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